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Civelle salle Bar


Notre restaurant vous accueille pour un repas succulent en bord de Loire, étant idéalement situé au bout du quartier de Trentemoult et offrant une vue dégagée sur la Loire, le quai des Antilles et le centre-ville de Nantes.

  • "My dad told me that as a bi-racial female, you’re going to have to give 120% at all times just to have the same opportunity...It’s pretty cool to see people actually standing up and listening and saying that things aren’t right. We need to grow." ⁣
Head to our link in bio to watch the next episode of #ReadyForChange and see why Sarah Nurse (@nursey16) is hopeful for the future of women's hockey.
  • "Pressure busts pipes, so if the world keeps applying the pressure, then I believe we will be heard."⁣
2018 Skater of the Year Tyshawn Jones (@enwhytj) shows us that all voices are louder than one. Visit our link in bio to see why he keeps applying the pressure.⁣
  • @domithiem's search for his first major title fell just short three times before. ⁣
Today, the trophy is his. ⁣
Here’s to one down and no limit to what comes next.⁣

  • “You don’t train every day to achieve what you know is in your reach. You train to achieve what is at the very edge of your limit”⁣
1 hour 5 minutes 34 seconds.⁣
Ready for a new era of world records⁣
@pereschepchirchirngeno breaks the women-only half-marathon world record in the all-new @adidasrunning adizero adios Pro.⁣
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • These are the moments you'll be remembered for. @fcbayern #UCL #ReadyForSport
  • Sport might not be the answer. But it is a symbol of optimism and hope. Impossible challenges must be faced and overcome, and our reward is joy. #ReadyForSport
  • Now that sport is back, we won't waste these chances. Our opportunities will come, and we will be ready. #ReadyForSport
  • “We're going to be taking action and making change in this world so it's a better place when we leave it." ⁣
@patrickmahomes stood out to change the game, now he's standing up to change the world. ⁣
  • "I believe the meaning of life is legacy. You either leave something or you take something, and I'd rather leave something.⁣“⁣
Both on the court and off, @candaceparker is fighting for change in the world of sports.⁣⁣